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Asian Financial Society (AFS) is a globally oriented non-profit organization of business people and professionals in the financial community, sharing common professional, educational and philanthropic interests. Founded in 1984, AFS draws its membership from the many fields of finance including: international trade and finance, commercial banking, investment banking, securities research and trading, insurance, law, real estate, taxation, regulation, accounting, information services and entrepreneurship.

AFS sponsors Educational programs, Professional and Career Development programs, Specialized Professional Groups, and other networking events. Members have gained exposure and knowledge of other fields of interest from leaders in those industries defining the direction, evolution and basis for recent and historical developments. AFS also seeks to promote the advancement of individuals by helping them examine and identify opportunities for personal and professional growth, while opening doors to new business opportunities.

We currently have 20 Specialized Professional Groups focusing on specific industries. Click to AFS Specialized Professional Groups.

Looking into the future, AFS is committed to utilizing its rich experience and established networks to expand its influence globally. It is expanding into China with chapters in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. It is also looking to start a chapter in India.

AFS has over 3,600 listed members with a core of Premium Members. Experienced members are invited to become an AFS Premium Member. AFS Premium Members have access to discounts to all AFS events and invitation to exclusive events opened only to Premium members. Detailed qualifications and application process can be found here. The annual membership dues is $80. Renewing premium members dues is $50. Click to access the Premium Membership application form.

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Coming Events

November 21, 2014: AFS Summit 2014 and AFS 30th Anniversary Celebration

Past Events 2011-Now

October 14, 2014, China, reaching out to the world

July 2nd - August 21st, AFS Summer Professional Development Sessions 2014

April 7th, 2014: CBN New York Forum

April 16th, 2014: Stephen Roach: The “Unbalanced” U.S.-China Relationship

April 17th, 2014: China’s High-Tech Surge: Investing in America and Innovation

March 25th, 2014: Doing Business in Asia: 2014 and Beyond

March 13th, 2014: Cross Boarder Wealth Management and Tax Issues

February 27th, 2014: Jews Dream Bigger – A Seminar

January 8th, 2014: 习李新政下的中国农业发展和中美跨境食品农业投资机会

January 14th, 2014: APEC Briefing 2013-14: China Takes the Reins

December 19th, 2013: Christmas Party

November 14th, 2013: “Tell Me Your Story” by FWA

September 19th, 2013: US Realty Market 2