Global Debt Registry Awarded Asian Financial Society Alpha Award

NEW YORK, February 5th, 2019 — The Asian Financial Society alpha Award (AαA) brought down the curtain in New York City on January 18, 2019.  We are pleased to announce that the 2018 AαA winner is Global Debt Registry. The goal of the award is to acknowledge the fintech innovations that disrupt the status quo. 
The organizations in the final five were Chord, Global Debt Registry, InSpireAVE, Kambria, and LGO Markets. These companies came from the US, Europe, and Asia in a number of fields, including blockchain, AI, open source robotics, structured credit, digital asset trading, home financing, personal financing, and social financing. The five finalist companies delivered pitches to a panel of industry judges, who selected Global Debt Registry as the winner.

About the final top-5

Global Debt Registry helps original creditors through to senior lenders, underwriters and investors to more efficiently participate in the structured credit market with a new trust paradigm built upon distributed ledger technology.

InSpirAVE’s proprietary platform empowers users to combine social gifting with the best savings offers from merchants and banks, and AI-driven transfers as part of a personalized plan that does not stop until the purchase is fulfilled.

LGOMarkets provides a secure and transparent digital asset trading platform for institutional investors. 

Kambriais a decentralized innovation platform providing a collaborative ecosystem for research and discussion of robotics and AI.

Chord is a home financing company providing a flexible, non-debt way to purchase properties instead of the traditional mortgage. 

For detailed news and photos, download the press release below