AFS continues to focus on building value for its members through seminars addressing today’s relevant issues and exclusive meetings with business and industry leaders. Our members are interested in pursuing career and business opportunities related to finance and the Asian business markets. In addition, the diverse backgrounds and business directives of AFS members bring a rich blend of experiences and interests together from which many international and intercultural business and professional advancements are made possible. As of our latest tally, in 2013, AFS has more than 4,000 listed members.

Experienced members are invited to become an AFS Premium Member. AFS Premium Members have access to discounts to all AFS events and invitations to exclusive events open only to Premium members. Such events include small scale meetings with influential thought leaders and senior leadership designed to allow for more intimate interactions with industry leaders.

Premium Members are expected to have a certain level of experience so that they will be able to contribute knowledge and expertise at a professional level. Detailed qualifications and application process can be found here. The annual membership dues is $100. Renewing premium members dues is $80.

Statement incorporates the collective understanding of the organization’s specific Professional, Education and Philanthropic statements of purpose and the means by why it may carry its Mission. It is as follows:

(a) to promote the general welfare and the economic improvement of disadvantaged and low income persons through the provision of financial education and counseling.

(b) to provide technical assistance and other support to institutions and organizations that are attempting to combat community deterioration, deter and eliminate urban blight, advance neighborhood preservation and to improve the opportunities for employment and the standard of life of persons and families residing in such areas.

(c) to lessen the burden of government by assisting high schools and colleges in the encouragement and education of young people about employment opportunities in the field of finance.

(d) to disseminate info about and to assist members of the organization and of the general public in their efforts to take advantages of opportunities available for employment and advancement in the banking and financial institutions.

(e) to support members of the organization in their career advancement and to assist and encourage them to maintain high standards of performance and to advance the public interests.

(f) to provide a network for members of the organization and of the general public to share information and exchange ideas in financial related areas.

(g) To create a mutually beneficial network between Asian and US leaders in Businesses, Investment management, Professional services so as to activate the full potential of the peaceful Pacific century.

(h) To create an environment that nurtures partnership between US and Asian industries and inspire innovation in business and technology to achieve breakthroughs.

The founding of the Asian Financial Society (AFS) was buoyed by the second wave of new Chinese immigrants with higher education and better assimilation into US society starting in the 1970’s. Incorporated in 1984, AFS’s membership and activities has ebbed and flowed with the tides of history.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis slowed down AFS’s activities. As part of the revitalization effort, AFS initiated several Special Interest Groups in the late 90’s: Trading SIG, Investment SIG, Real Estate SIG, Enterpreneurship SIG, Risk Management SIG, and the China Business SIG. The idea was to coordinate the talents and creative energies of the membership by sponsoring smaller, more focused meetings. These SIG generated varying levels of excitements and longevity. The China Business SIG and the Investment SIG continue to grow to be pillars of the organization today.

Since 2004, however, a third wave of students and professionals from China have injected new energy to revitalize the organization. We now have a reach of over 3000 listed members.

Throughout this time, there have been luminaries who’ve shared their insights with us. Here is a partial list of notable speakers:

Charles Schumer, Senator, New York state
Ernest Liu, Partner (retired), Goldman Sachs
Oscar Tang, Chairman, Presidet & CEO, Reich & Tang
Sir Q.W. Lee, CBE, JP, FCIB, LLD, Chairman, Hang Seng Bank BJ
Henry Tang, Founder, Committee of 100
David Chu, Founder, Nautica
James Lebenthal, Chairman, Lebenthal & Co.
Andrew Silberstein, COO, Moergan Realty
Professor Thomas Ho, creator of Ho-Lee interest rate framework
Savio Tung, Sr. Partner, Investcorp.
Shang Ming, former deputy governor of People’ Bank of China
Samson Wong, President, Beacon Capital Management
Michael Chu, CFO of Pace Industries, Inc.
Leonard Wang, Esq. Branch chief. Div of enforcement, SEC
Ted Shen, Chairman of Capital Markets Group of DLJ
Roderick Chu, Partner, Andersen & Co. Former Commissioner of Taxation and Finance of NYS
Victor Fung, Chairman & CEO, Prudential Asian Capital Ltd.
Charles Wang, Founder of Computer Associates
Lilia C. Clemente, Chairman & CEo, Clemente Capital, Inc.
Mee Seen Loong, Co-Director, Chinese Departmen, VP Sotheby.
Alair Townsend, Publisher, Crain’s NY Business
Xinhua Wu, CFO, China Pharma Holdings, Inc.
Dr. David Zhou, Chairman, American Union Securities, Inc..
Donghai Yu, CFO, China Carbon Graphite Group
Chou Weimin, Deputy Director General, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau
Yang Shujian, Board secretary, Bank of Beijing
Liu Xiuchen, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Banking Hua Xia Bank
Yu Yuan Deputy General Manager International Business, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank

More than a few AFS Presidents and members have moved on to substantive achievements on their own:

Noland Cheng
MD, Morgan Stanley
SIFMA Operations Committee
Previously EVP & Chief Operating Officer, US Trust

Thierry Ho
Managing Director, Lightyear Capital, Lightyear Investment Committee.
Previously, VP of Strategic eFinance in the Office of the Chairman, Paine Webber

Cheryl Lobell
VP, Colgate-Asia Pacific

Eugenie Shen
General Counsel, AIG Investments Asia ex Japan
Previously Assistant Director at HK Stock Exchange

Fred S. Teng
Chief Executive Officer News China China Newsweek Corporation