The AFS Community

Since AFS is the oldest AA professional association in the northeast USA, we have evolved a nuanced structure to meet the needs of the AFS community and the wider business community. This allows AFS to engage with multiple constituents and promote cross-fertilization as well as leadership development.


AFS Core Structure

The AFS community may be viewed as a nested set of groups based participation levels. Participation in each outer grouping naturally evolves into participation into the inner grouping according to each member’s interest level.


AFS Mailing list member     Mailing List Sign Up

All are welcome to join the AFS and CBG mailing list.
They are excellent channels for the sharing of information and the primary entry point into the AFS community.

Premium Member Benefits    Become a Premium Member

To attend all AFS events at a discount price.
To be invited to the AFS Premium-Member-only Private Events

Leadership Team

Premium members who wish to actively shape the agenda of AFS and have contributed directly to successful activities of AFS are eligible to join the Leadership Team.
The selection shall be approved by the Board based on member’s contributions.


The AFS Board members provide executive leadership and planning for all AFS events.
Leadership Team members are eligible to run as Board candidates in AFS elections.


AFS Functional Groupings

Alongside this concentric pattern, we have several independent groupings which at times cut across the onion skin layers.

  1. Advisory Board Advisory Board includes senior executives and experienced business leaders who will provide guidance and referrals.
  2. Special Interest GroupThey are a channel of activities focused on specific areas of finance/business drawing on the knowledge and experiences of people within the AFS community. For examples: Trading SIG, Investment SIG, Real Estate SIG, China Business SIG, etc.
  3. Event Taskforces
    These are ad hoc groups formed to develop and execute individual event such as the Beijing-NY Financial Summit.
  4. Standing CommitteesCurrrent Committees include Finance, Communication, and Membership.